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Liability Insurance for Amazon Sellers


Kui päring on meieni jõudnud, siis sobiva lahenduse väljatöötamiseks analüüsime põhjalikult teie tegevusega seotud riske ning pakume teile erinevate kindlustusseltside võimalusi, millest saate valida endale kõige sobivama. Kirjuta meile: või saatke päring.

Inpro Insurance Brokers pakub individuaalset lähenemist igale kliendile leides lahendusi vastavalt konkreetse ettevõtte vajaduste ning nõudmistele.

What are Amazon seller insurance requirements?

Amazon requires business insurance for Amazon Pro Merchants and sellers with gross proceeds of over $10,000 during any month from sales on its platform. According to the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement, the minimum requirements are 1 000 000€ per-occurrence and 1 000 000€ aggregate limits of commercial general liability insurance and product liability insurance.

General liability insurance often includes product liability insurance, or you can add it as an endorsement. Some sellers may need commercial umbrella insurance (or excess liability insurance) to boost their liability coverage limits.

Your policies must name Amazon and its assignees as additional insureds. Sellers may need to mail a certificate of insurance to Amazon to prove they carry this coverage.

Why do Amazon sellers need liability insurance?

Business insurance helps Amazon sellers recover from costly accidents, such as a fire at a storage unit that destroys your inventory. Some policies, like a general liability policy, are required once you sell a certain amount.

Inpro Insurance helps Amazon sellers find policies that match their unique risks and requirements. Fill out one free application to compare quotes from top-rated insurance companies.

How do I get Liability insurance for Amazon Seller?

Sales fluctuate, and you may suddenly find you've hit the threshold where you need insurance coverage – fast.

Amazon sellers can get insured quickly with Inpro Insurance if you have your business information on hand.


Our application will ask for basic facts about your company, such as revenue, forecasted revenue for the next year  and number of employees. You can get coverage and certificate of insurance with Inpro Insurance in three easy steps:

1. Push the button "REQUEST QUOTE"

2. After we receive your request, we shall send you the simple form to be filled out

3. Confirm our offer, pay for your policy and get a Certificate of Insurance

Inpro Insurance is licensed to work with top-rated EU carriers to find coverage that fulfills Amazon's insurance requirements, whether you're an independent contractor or hire employees. Get insured today and find peace of mind knowing your business can survive the unexpected.

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