Insurance Broker VS Insurance Agent

In the insurance world, the terms “insurance broker” and “insurance agent” are used interchangeably. But are they the same?

The common ground

Both insurance agents and insurance brokers act as mediators. They are the bridge between insurance buyers and insurance providers. Anyone interested in working in the insurance field should know how to get an insurance license (get listed in finantsinspektsioon) before being qualified to sell policies. So, what makes an insurance broker different from an agent?

The key feature that differentiates an insurance broker from an insurance agent is

who they represent.

What is an Insurance Broker?

Insurance broker is a licensed professional that serves their client’s best interests. Brokers research coverage, terms, conditions, as well as price from multiple insurance companies. They try to find the best fit for their clients. Brokers are legally bound to recommend insurance products that align best with their clients’ financial interests. Their play a role similar to that of insurance advisors, providing financial advice to clients.

An insurance broker’s first duty is to look after their clients. Brokers should be able to facilitate insurance solutions to whatever problems clients face. They compare offers from multiple insurance companies to give their clients the perfect deal. They need to be well versed with everything in