Evolution Health from Morgan Price in Estonia

Updated: May 4, 2020

Health Insurance from Morgan Price has been designed to meet the ever changing needs of the clients, expatriates generally, and the conditions in the countries in which clients live.

Core elements always being included: • cancer cover • medical emergency benefits • in-patient and day-patient benefits • evacuation and repatriation benefits • chronic conditions • emergency dental treatment You can then select the level of cover that adds other benefits important to you, such as out-patient cover, dental or maternity. We have also included cover for treatment in your home country on all levels (excluding USA nationals) – something which many “expatriate” plans don’t cover.

The plan has been designed to cover a very wide range of client requirements from basic level products for clients who live in countries where there is a good state system or who are on a limited budget, to more comprehensive levels of cover for those clients who really want to provide themselves with first class private cover for virtually any eventuality.

Evolution Health has also been designed to be simple. The levels of cover increase from Standard to Elite. The rates are the same whether you pay in €/$/£ with the benefits associated with each currency being shown similarly (for example the overall maximum on the Elite level of cover will be £2,000,000 or $2,000,000 or €2,000,000). We really believe that with our combination of levels, currencies and annual excess options, there should be a level of cover under Evolution Health to suit any potential client.