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IT Service Centre AS

Corporate Health Insurance


Compensation 100% in all insured events

* - deductible 50 €

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  • Preventive Health Checks


Medical examinations: eg medical examinations to monitor for a chronic illness; medical examinations in connection with family planning or contraception; a doctor's visit in connection with the dispensing of prescription medicines; paid medical examinations, including COVID-19 testing.

  • Dental


Extended protection, including orthodontics, implants, prosthetics (see program description)
• consultation with a specialist and preparation of a treatment plan;
• dental care;
• oral hygiene procedures;
• outpatient surgical dental services;
• treatment of periodontal diseases;
• local anesthesia;
• prosthetics, onlei, inlei;
• implants and related services, orthodontics.           

  • Sport


On the prescription of a family doctor or occupational health doctor, one prescription is also suitable for the whole company with the following text: "Due to the nature of work, Kühne + Nagel IT Service Center AS employees need regular aerobic training (swimming, water gymnastics, gymnastics, etc.) throughout the year to relieve psycho-emotional and muscle tensions and to support work ability according to individual needs".            

  • Outpatient Health Recovery

Rehabilitation treatment prescribed by a doctor is reimbursed (ie a referral letter is required and the service provider must be registered in the professional register or the health board):

  • physiotherapy,

  • therapeutic massage,

  • manual therapy          


  • Vaccination

Vaccinations are reimbursed, e.g. influenza vaccine, tick-borne encephalitis vaccine, etc. up to EUR 150 during the insurance period (Insurance provider has promised to include COVID-19 vaccine as well).

  • Outpatient services

Paid doctor's visits (family doctor's visits, paid doctor's visits, etc.), consultations and services of a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, sex pathologist, speech therapist, phonatory, osteopath, osteoreflexotherapist and dermatologist. Physician-paid examinations, analyses and treatment procedures (Expensive diagnostic technologies, including anaesthesia (eg endoscopy, digital tomography with or without contrast, magnetic resonance imaging with or without contrast, scintigraph examinations are limited to 300 EUR during the insurance period).            

  • Inpatient Healthcare

Paid services in a daily and daily inpatient with an insurance limit of € 2,000 during the insurance period and € 1,500 for the procedure for each inpatient:

• stay in a hospital;
• medical consultations;
• analyses;
• research;
• operations